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#4 Denying a Claim Professionally

#4 Denying a Claim Professionally - news to all your...

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Petar Triva Tech/Comm in Business Fall 2008 #4 Denying a Claim Professionally Retail Stores 1330 Maple Drive Madison, FL 4890 October 4, 2008 Dear Retailer: This is being sent to all our retailers, concerning our children's painkiller product. It has been found to contain a significantly higher level of acetaminophen, which may cause different liver problems in children upon use. This is only the case with the lot number IAD0228. It is of our best interest that the product be removed from the shelves immediately. We are still unable to find reasons for why this happened, and because of that we ask for the faulty products to be sent back to us for further examination. We understand that a substantial number of the painkillers is circulating the public already and for that reason you are being asked to announce this
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Unformatted text preview: news to all your customers and kindly ask them to return the product from the affected batch for full reimbursement. Our company will reimburse all your refunds provided to customers. This is not something to panic about but it is a serious matter which has to be dealt with promptly to stop any potential problems. We are doing our best to figure out how this problem occurred and take appropriate measures to prevent it from happening again. It is essential that we get your support and help. Be sure to assist the customers with what ever they need and provide them with proper information. For any questions they might have, direct them to our customer service toll-free number at 1-800-321-0105. Sincerely, Petar Triva Customer Service at PERRIGO 1550 Madison Avenue Kansas City, MO 3567...
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