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Name:AmandaDate:01/28/20 School:Brewer Facilitator:Walters 1.04 Advice Total Points: 12 In this lesson, you learned about different sources of nutrition information. Name three sources that you could turn to for dietary advice, including people and/or online resources. Identify whether that resource is reliable or not, and explain your answer. 1.Source:Doctors a.Reliable or not?No. b.Why or why not?
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Unformatted text preview:Most doctors have little training in nutrition. 2. Source: Registered Dietitian a. Reliable or not? Yes. b. Why or why not? They are the best source of nutrition advice as they are the most trained in the field of study. 3. Source: Internet a. Reliable or not? Maybe. b. Why or why not? While there are a limited number of helpful sources most are not helpful. © ACCESS Virtual Learning 2018