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Name:AmandaDate:01/31/20 School:Brewer Facilitator:Walters 1.07 Nutritional Experts Total Points: 15 Complete the chart below about different nutritional experts by identifying their typical workplaces, types of advice given, and level of reliability. Nutrition ExpertWork PlacesType of Advice (diet, exercise, muscle building) Reliable? (Y, N, Maybe) Registered Dietitianhospitals, nursinghomes, schooldistrictsplan and organizefood and nutrition plans to meet the needs of their clients yes Health Educator
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Unformatted text preview:schools, universities, hospitals, or in private companies they teach you about making lifestyle decisions, good health practices, safety, easy to avoid injuries and illness, etc yes Sports Coach schools encourage athletes to take supplements or diet to enhance their performance no (unless they studied nutrition) Naturopath anywhere alternative medicine. no Nutritionist different type of healthcare offices they verse you on different types of eating plans maybe © ACCESS Virtual Learning 2018