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Petar Triva Tech/Comm in Business Fall 2008 #6 Formal Business Report Outline Problem Summary In this research paper I want to take a look at the affect immigrant workers have on the American economy I would especially focus on the people from the countries of Latin America that come to the USA to find work and to survive What are the good and the bad sides to this issue and what can the American government do about this My planed research activities I plan to use EBSCO host and other resources i can find online I remember a few things about this issue from a presentation held on campus not too long ago by a priest from Notre Dame University
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Unformatted text preview: What I believe I will find out I believe I will get to know the everyday life of millions of immigrants that live and work in the USA I hope I will be able to understand the troubles they are going through in their quest for a better life Why I picked this issue as a subject of my research paper I believe this is a very important issue in the American economy today I am very interested in finding out what drives these people to migrate their homes in search for a better life Through this research paper I want to connect migration with some economic issues...
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