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dispute resolutions paper #1 - Marko Urlic Dispute...

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Marko Urlic Dispute Resolutions March 18, 2009 Assignment #1 1. In their book, Fisher and Ury explain us their four steps in their method, which are separate the people from the problem, focus on interest (not positions), invent options for mutual gain, and insist on using objective criteria. Separating the people from the problem means separating relationship issues from substantive issues, and dealing with them independently. These kinds of problems tend to involve problems of perception, emotion, and communication. Perceptions are important because they define the problem and the solution. While there is an "objective reality," that reality is interpreted differently by different people in different situations. When different parties have different understandings of their dispute effective negotiation may be very difficult to achieve. People problems also often involve difficult emotions such as fear, anger, distrust and anxiety for example. These emotions get intertwined with the substantive issues in the dispute and make both harder to deal with. There are three types of communication problems. First, disputants may not be talking to each other. While their comments are formally addressed to the opponent, they are actually addressing some outside audience. They are grandstanding, or playing to the crowd. A second communication problem arises when parties are not listening to each other. Rather than listening attentively to the opponent, parties may be instead planning their own response, or listening to their own constituency. Finally, even when parties are listening and talking to each other, misunderstandings and misinterpretations may occur.
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For this situation, this kind of family issue I would explain to each member of a family the financial situation, and let them know what is my view of each individual situation. Also children should know what their parents are going to be able be paying for
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dispute resolutions paper #1 - Marko Urlic Dispute...

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