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Logic - Descartes’ metaphorical tree – “sap of philosophy - Genus – philosophical study - Aristotle “the tool of the mind” Metaphysics - Genus – philosophical study - Difference – ask & answer - What is real? - Descares’ metaphorical tree – roots of philosophy Metaphysical position - How one answers the question - MATERIALISM - DUALISM - IDEALISM MATERIALISM - Only physical world is real - Only matter & energy exist - All reality is in time & space - Science only source of knowledge DUALISM
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- 2 different realities - spirit & matter - spirit (God, human souls) exist beyond - Matter is in time & space - Spiritual reality (God) is ultimate reason for physical world IDEALISM (definicija, bit ce u testu, ILLUSION) - Only the mind (spirit) is real - Physical world is an illusion - Some metaphysical questions 1. Why is there universe rather than nothing?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Is this the best possible universe? Explain Philosophy ot the human person (definicija, pitanje u testu) -Genus philosophical (ultimate & universal) study-Difference asks & answers (1. What is human being?)-Descartes metaphorical tree the trunk What is a human being?-3 positions = answer-MATERIALIST an animal of greater intelligence-DUALIST animal body & spiritual soul-IDEALIST spiritual soul (mind) Getting more specific -is there an essence? Essence means that quality which makes something what it is. Human essence means that quality which makes us, human ( homo sapiens ). Some philosophical qustions: 1. How are human beings different from other animals on this planet? Is this a difference of kind or degree? Explain 2. Does every human being possess an immortal soul? Explain you answer...
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filozofija03 - 2. Is this the best possible universe?...

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