filozofija05 - Freedom vs Determinism-are human...

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Cheating, plagiarism, academic misconduct <- za test 2 additional questions in philosophy of human person 1. What is human knowledge? 2. Are humans free or determined? Cheating, plagiarism, academic misconduct Epistemology - Genus – philosophical study - Difference – asks & answer - What’s its knowledge? Epistemological positions Empiricism Rationalism Skepticism Empiricism - Mind is a “blank sheet” at birth - All knowing comes through the senses - Problem of certainty – sensation constant change - Associated usually with: MATERIALISM, DUALISM Rationalism - Innate ideas – mind is created with ability to have certain ideas
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- Metaphor = “pre-wired” - Innate ideas of God, morality - Associated with: IDEALIS, DUALISM Rationalism & Rationality - Rationality is ability to act from reasons (causes) Skepticism - Problem of certainty can lead to skepticism - Agnosticism - Moral skeptic
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Unformatted text preview: Freedom vs. Determinism-are human free?-Determinism – caused by forces beyond our control to act as we do-Usually because of heredity (our Genes) % environment -Free will- ability to choose & act as one chooses (control is in our power) Freedom-what is human freedom?-Free will / positive freedom / free “to” o Ability to choose & act as one chooses (control is in our power)-Negative freedom / free “from” o To act without constraint or coercion Ethics-genus – philosophical study-difference – ask & answers-what is the correct way to act (morality) and -what is a good human life (values)?-Descartes’ metaphorical tree – fruit of philosophy Objectives vs Subjectives-objectives – the same morals & values for all-ethical position of natural moral law subjective – each person or society determines her/his own morals & values ethical position of ethical relativism...
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filozofija05 - Freedom vs Determinism-are human...

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