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Final Philosophy paper!

Final Philosophy paper! - Marko Urlic Philosophy Joe Givvin...

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Marko Urlic Philosophy May 15, 2009 Joe Givvin Love and Meaning of the Life Everything what I write in this paper is just my own opinion, and no one has to agree with me. Everyone has his or her own opinion and no one has to agree with it. No matter how reader looks at this paper he or she should have a respect for others opinions. Once again, that is just mine opinion. Having an opinion that is important to us has a lot of similarities with having a meaning of life that is important to ourselves as well. Each person in this world should ask himself or herself what is the meaning of the life. The meaning of life is very hard to explain, because it varies from person to person. In fact, I don’t even know if I would be able to exactly explain my personal view on life, and what life means to me. The Oxford English dictionary defines the word “life” as the state of living : the ability to grow, breath, reproduce; period of time someone’s birth and their death; experience and activities that are typical of all people’s existences. On the other hand, the word “meaning” is defined as a real importance of a feeling or experience; the quality or sense of purpose that makes you feel that one’s life is valuable. So even though it could sound too broad, by saying “Life is everything to me” I think I’m perfectly correct. 1
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Adding to that, for me the meaning of life is finding and getting to know my inner self through life long experience, traveling, education, knowledge, meeting people, etc. Even though I’m just 22 years old, I think I’ve slowly started to find the real meaning of my life. As a matter of fact, I experienced a lot through traveling. I’ve been and seen so many places and meet so many faces. Since I was a kid, my parents wanted me to travel. They knew that traveling is one of the best options to get knowing the world, and discovering it. Discovering, not just world itself, but everything that this world has to offer. Also, knowing people around the globe makes you to think on what way are you different that all those other people. Therefore, this makes you think if you do thing right or if you do them wrong. From my view, this is the best way to discover myself, the way I should be living, finding a right way to better future. Also, my parent were conscious of education; how education is really important, and they led me to where I am right now, on college getting educated. Talking again about meaning of the life, I do not think that the schools are the only places you can get educated. People can get educated on the street, or any other location other than school. Life is weird; you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, you never know what are you going to learn tomorrow. When you get knowledge of that something, that same ken may show you your meaning of the life, but not as a whole, but just a part of it. And when you put those parts together you will discover yourself and meet your own meaning that no one else probably don’t have.
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Final Philosophy paper! - Marko Urlic Philosophy Joe Givvin...

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