Meaning of the Life - Iris Jovanovic

Meaning of the Life - Iris Jovanovic - Iris Jovanovic PL...

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Iris Jovanovic PL 161 Fall 2008 Joe Givvin What is the meaning of life? “Life passes most people by while they’re making big plans for it…”* Personally, the meaning of life is very hard to explain, because it varies from person to person. In fact I don’t even know if I would be able to exactly explain my personal view on life, and what life means to me. The Oxford English dictionary defines the word “life” as the state of living : the ability to grow, breath, reproduce; period of time someone’s birth and their death; experience and activities that are typical of all people’s existences. On the other hand, the word “meaning” is defined as a real importance of a feeling or experience; the quality or sense of purpose that makes you feel that one’s life is valuable. So even though it could sound too broad, by saying “Life is everything to me” I think I’m perfectly correct. Adding to that, for me the meaning of life is finding and getting to know my inner self through life long experience, traveling, education, knowledge, meeting people, etc. Even though I’m just 21 years old, I think I’ve slowly started to find the real meaning of my life. As a matter of fact, I experienced a lot through traveling. I’ve been and seen so many places and meet so many faces. Since I was a kid, my parents wanted me to travel. I remember when I was still in the fourth grade of elementary school; they booked me a trip to go to an English camp on an island in the south of Croatia. I was just 10 years old at that time. Still today I can remember being scared to death because I didn’t know any other kids, but once I was there I met so many new friends, improved my English and became more confident. That was my first trip alone; I was just ten years old. 1
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Since that first trip, I was the one who asked my parents if I could travel and see London, Prague, Rome, etc. The feeling and sensation I experience every time I travel is indescribable. Whenever I’m on the road I feel like a free spirit, as I can concur the world! Another person who probably put this kind of passion is me is my older brother Igor. He travelled the world. One time he was gone for 3 years backpacking across Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, India, and Australia. I remember him telling me: “Education is important sister, very important, but in order to learn how to live one has to travel, because not everything is written in the books!” Nevertheless, education and knowledge is my first priority now, even though I have a feeling that education and travelling were always closely connected through out my life. In fact, my goal was and still is to learn about something or somebody while being away from home. My biggest example for this kind of cohesion between education and traveling is of course my biggest reached goal by now: coming to the United Stated in order to earn my Bachelors degree. Since I was a teenager, I always wanted to study abroad for some reason.
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Meaning of the Life - Iris Jovanovic - Iris Jovanovic PL...

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