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preparing for soccer - Marko Urlic Paper #3 Prof. McKean...

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Marko Urlic Paper #3 Prof. McKean March 26, 2009 Preparing for Soccer Soccer, as one of the most popular sports in the world, is also known as one of the toughest sports to play and practice. For Europeans this sport is known as “the most important primary thing on the world.” To play it you really need to be in shape, just because you have to run and fight for a ball, and of course, be stronger than an opponent player. To be stronger than the player you are playing against it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of recantation. Maybe it may seem to people who watch it and who have never played it that this is not true. For those who think this is true, I dear them to try to and then talk about it. I have been playing soccer since I was eight, since my second grade of elementary school. Through these 14 years I have learned a lot about it, and I have a lot of games and practices behind me. None of this game or practice I do not regret, because each one of those has meant to me something. Some of them were not easy at all, but I had to pass through them even I did not like them, but after each one of it I felt happy because I knew I did the best I could in those moments. To pass through these hard times, which every athlete who cares about the sport does, who want to succeed, we need to prepare our bodies to “survive” the upcoming season. For me it is the worst part of the soccer. When I just think about what is waiting for me, that entire running, lifting and other stuff, it just makes me sick in some way. As every coin has other sides, this one has it too. Even it makes me sick, I know that I have to pass it through no matter what, because deep in my head I know what is my goal and why I am doing this to myself. And in the end of it I know I will be grateful to my coach,
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preparing for soccer - Marko Urlic Paper #3 Prof. McKean...

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