essay #2 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 09 -07 -2010...

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Marko Urlic 09 -07 -2010 Essay #2 The seven environments of business are: - Economic - Technological - Cultural - Governmental - Legal - Natural - Internal The first one, economic, consists of forces that influence market operations. What characterizes the global economic environment is continuing long-term growth in output, consumption, and investment. Also, there are two basic subtrends; 1) rising trade and 2) major expansion of foreign direct investment by transnational corporations. The technological environment is the second one. One example of this environment is nanotechnology, which is technology that is developed on the scale of a nanometer, which is one-billionth of meter. The big change in business has also been influenced by digital telecommunications that now creates a global network of computers, software, and electronic devices. A culture is a system of shared knowledge, values, norms, customs, and rituals acquired by social learning. Because of this
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essay #2 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 09 -07 -2010...

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