essay #4 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 09 -10 -2010...

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Marko Urlic 09 -10 -2010 Essay #4 When I was reading this story about KFC and PETA I have say that at first it reminded me of World War II, Hitler and his concentration camps in Poland and Germany. The way PETA is trying to get attention from the people is just not nice, but in the other hand I understand them. It is because these days people do not care about society as much as do use to and it is really hard to get someone’s attention because no one would listen someone else’s problems, they are worried only about their own private life. There are not a lot of people in this world who care about the environment and society who would step up and do something to make this world better. Those two organizations are arguing should chicken be dead or not, which is controversy about should human beings be living or not. I cannot stand on any side of these two organizations for 100%, but the side I would stand on is the side of the KFC customer who said: “There’s nothing to do. This is the life and it is all part of the food chain. I have to eat.” If you ask me, I totally agree with this guy. If we think a little bit about this situation, we would see that not killing chicken is basically breaking down the food
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essay #4 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 09 -10 -2010...

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