essay #8 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 10 -01 -2010...

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Marko Urlic 10 -01 -2010 Essay #8 The Admiral and the thieves The Admiral Thomas Westfall fired two of his petty officers because they were carrying a piece of Plexiglas worth $25 out of the base. They were not the only ones who were fired; civilian storeroom clerk was fired as well and he lost his pension, even he has worked over there for 30 years. I think Admiral did a right decision and an ethical decision. Since those thieves are not allowed to carry anything out of the base, than that means that even something is not worth $1 should stay in the base if they do not have a permission to take it out. If everyone would take something out, each employee, like these guys did, then there would be missing thousands and thousands of dollars. They did not respect the organizational ethic, they were not loyal to the organization, and they deserved what they got. I think that the Admiral Westfall used principle of proportionality and he looked through all five principles (type of good and evil, probability, urgency, intensity of
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essay #8 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 10 -01 -2010...

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