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Marko Urlic 29 -10 -2010 Essay #13 This case, “Owls, Loggers and Old-Growth Forest”, represents an example of nowadays problems. Every day if we read newspaper, or we go online and read what is going on in world today, we can notice that it is easy to find similar cases as this one is, especially nature wise. While someone has benefits from something, there is always someone who suffers because of those benefits. In this case owls are those who suffer, and those people who are trying to save them. They are not just trying to save owl, but also food chain as well. The one who were taking benefits were especially people of Jackson County, county that no longer has a timber economy. This is an example of how is hard to balance needs of two different groups of people (partially animals) who uses the same thing, in this case woods, and cannot be used in the same time for both sides. People cannot work and earn for living if they do not do cut of trees. In the other hand owls cannot live if people cut of owls habitat.
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essay #13 - Marko Urlic Business & Society 29 -10 -2010...

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