Lecture 2_09-13-2007

Lecture 2_09-13-2007 - Sociology of 3rd World Lecture 2...

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Sociology of 3 rd World Sept 13, 2007 Lecture 2 What states make up the 3 rd world? (states = countries) There are hundreds of countries, countries in Africa, South America, Middle east, some island countries…etc. The many possible definitions of “3 rd world” The poorest nations of the world Less-developed Country (LDC) Developing nations The Global south Countries that are not capitalistic and industrialized or centrally-planned socialist economies (Second World) A country that has low levels of a average wealth, industrialization and modernization and often high levels of population growth and people employed in agriculture Distinguishes the rest of the world from the two cold war power blocs of the capitalist west and the communist east Countries in the poorest regions of the world Represents 145 developing countries of Asia, Africa and the middle east, characterized by low levels of living, low-income per capita, low education provisions, poverty and starvation A very ethnocentric way of referring to other cultures (Ethnocentric way = using your own culture standards to view other cultures) Emerging nations The nations with smallest UN human development Index (HDI) of the world, independently of their political status. ( the only definition that does not have to do with economy) These definitions all focus A LOT on economy . Overall, the term “third world” has fallen out of favor in the past 10 years. But where the world came from is valid: (it came from the cold war) First world - western, industrialized countries Second World - Communist countries Third World – Everybody else! The term is political
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Lecture 2_09-13-2007 - Sociology of 3rd World Lecture 2...

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