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essay 11 & 12 - Marko Urlic Business & Society...

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Marko Urlic 09 -17 -2010 Essay #11 and #12 Q1 In this chapter we could find couple of corporate social responsibility principles, also known as CSR, and business ethics principles. The first one I would point out is that no one did not want to take a responsibility for what happened that on the night of December 3 rd , 1984 in Bhopal, India. But also there is another fact that it is mentioned in the text, maybe even more important than the first one I have talked about. The thing is that safety regulations were not under the control before the disaster happened, the safety system were not functioning, and people who worked over there, and their managers who are responsible for the company and their workers, they all knew about it, but no one cared about it. So when the mistake happened, they could not do anything to stop the disaster, which is know as the world’s worst industrial catastrophe. This action, or better said non action, is the indicator how they were irresponsible. The other unethical thing what happened that night was done by one of UCIL (the Union Carbide India Limited) worker, who, what was proven afterwards, in purpose set up this disaster by connecting the
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essay 11 & 12 - Marko Urlic Business & Society...

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