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Ch5_3 Due: 10:00pm on Friday, October 1, 2010 Note: You will receive no credit for late submissions. To learn more, read your instructor's Grading Policy [ Switch to Standard Assignment View] You should make a serious attempt at these problems before your October 1 workshop. You only have a couple of hours after the work shop to make final adjustments before the due time !! You will do poorly in the work shop if you are unprepared. !! If you need help consult the Help Blog and/or visit the help room. Problem 6.55 A sensitive gravimeter at a mountain observatory finds that the free-fall acceleration is 6.5×10 3 less than that at sea level. Part A What is the observatory's altitude? Express your answer using two significant figures. ANSWER: 2100 Correct Problem 6.54 A starship is circling a distant planet of radius . The astronauts find that the free-fall acceleration at their altitude is half the value at the planet's surface. How far above the surface are they orbiting? Part A
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5.2(2) - MasteringPhysics: Assignment Print View

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