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Ch13_2 Due: 10:00pm on Monday, November 29, 2010 Note: You will receive no credit for late submissions. To learn more, read your instructor's Grading Policy [ Switch to Standard Assignment View] You should make a serious attempt at these problems before your November 29 workshop. You only have a couple of hours after the work shop to make final adjustments before the due time !! You will do poorly in the work shop if you are unprepared. !! If you need help consult the Help Blog and/or visit the help room. You can use: specific heat of copper is 385 J/(kg*K), aluminum is 900, and ice is 2090 (same units). Problem 12.71 A typical nuclear reactor generates 1000 (1000 ) of electrical energy. In doing so, it produces 2000 of "waste heat" that must be removed from the reactor. Many reactors are sited next to large bodies of water so that they can use the water for cooling. Consider a reactor where the intake water is at 18 . State regulations limit the temperature of the output water to 30 so as not to harm aquatic organisms. Part A
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