MT1 (s10) - Phy 121 Midterm 1. October 5, 2010 Exam form 0...

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Phy 121 Midterm 1. October 5, 2010 Exam form 0 1 This is a closed book exam. Use your own formula sheet, 8½ x 11 inches, double sided, handwritten. You may only use your own calculator; NO SHARING. ANY manipulation of electronic equipment (I-Pod, cell phone, laptop computer, pager, etc.) other than your calculator is strictly prohibited, and will result in a zero on this exam. Answer all problems on the bubble scan sheet. Before you start, enter your name and student ID number on the answer sheet . This is exam form 0. Mark 0 on the first digit of birth day on the bubble scan sheet . (Do not fill in your birth date.) There are twenty questions, each of which carries equal weight. 1. A car traveling with constant acceleration is at 3 s at 1 m and at 9 s at 10 m as shown. What is the average velocity for this time interval ? A. 0.66 m/ s B. 1.0 m/ s C. 1.5 m/ s D. 0.5 m/ s E. 3.0 m/ s 2. In the graph shown the object is at 2 s at 3 m . The object is at 6 s at A. 29.7 m B. 32.1 m C. 36.7 m D. 48.3 m E. 25.3 m 3. The position x of an object as a function of time is given as 3 4 3 5 tt  . All units are understood to be S.I. . The initial time = 0. The direction of the positive x-axis is “forward”. The correct statement is: A. The motion is forward for all times. B. The acceleration is constant in time. C. The initial velocity is 5 m/s . D. The initial motion is backward. E. The corresponding equation for the velocity is 3 10 t . 4. An astronaut on the moon (vacuum) made the following experiment. He dropped simultaneously a feather and a 1 kg rock from the same height. The following statements are correct (Use for the ratio of the gravitational acceleration at the surface of the moon over the corresponding value on earth / 1/ 6 moon earth gg ) : A. The fall time of the rock from the same height was 6 times its value on earth.
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MT1 (s10) - Phy 121 Midterm 1. October 5, 2010 Exam form 0...

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