1 - influence of culture-learned patterns of perceptions,...

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content meaning -denotative/connotative -denotative -concrete meaning, definition -connotative -meaning suggested by or associated with the message -relationship meaning -what message conveys about relationship setting -physical surroundings participants -number of people message creation -use of symbols and signs in communicating channel -means through which a message is transmitted noise -any stimulus that can interfere with, or degrade the quality of a message feedback -response to a message field of experience -education -life events -cultural background transactional process -when people comm. they act together -comm. is ongoing -who people are to each other and the relationship they develop through interactions -each communicator is a sender/receiver at the same time -meaning is created as people communicate
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Unformatted text preview: influence of culture-learned patterns of perceptions, values, behaviors, that a group shares ethics-standards of what is right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral communication ethics-standards of right and wrong that one applies to messages that are sent and received truthfulness-others expect messages to be truthful-messages have consequences reasoned skepticism-the balance of open-mindedness and critical attitude needed when evaluating others messages healthy feedback-honest and ethical responses receivers provide to the messages of others meaning denial-one meaning is:-present in the interaction-denied as meant disqualification-comm. acts that attempt to deny others the right to speak based on their positions or identities...
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1 - influence of culture-learned patterns of perceptions,...

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