3 - I mportance of identity -individuals bring their...

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Importance of identity -individuals bring their self-images or identities to each communicative encounter -communication interactions create and shape identities -identity plays an important role in intercultural communication -understanding identity is useful because so much U.S. life is organized around and geared toward specific identities -identity is a key site where individual and societal forces come together to shape communication experiences identity -social categories you identify yourself with as well as categories others identify you with -primary -most impact -race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, nationality -secondary -occupational/marital status -can be individual and social -fixed and dynamic -individual and social identities are created through interactions -can be understood only in relation to historical, social and cultural environments reflected appraisals -the idea that people’s self-images arise primarily from the ways that others view them and from the many messages they have received from others about who they are -“looking-glass self”
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3 - I mportance of identity -individuals bring their...

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