Interpersonal- - 01/28 Intrapersonal communication(cont...

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01/28 Intrapersonal communication (cont.)/ Interpersonal: -attribution processes: -the way we assign explanations for people’s behavior -make sense of things -why did they do something? -we attribute behavior either to internal or external causes -internal attribution: we see it as caused by the person/self; within the person’s control; personality characteristics, motivational characteristics -external attribution: wee see it as caused by the situation or other factors outside the person’s control -how do we decide? -relationship with person -compare person’s behavior to other’s and to knowledge of person’s past behavior -Biases in attribution -fundamental attribution error -we tend to view other’s behaviors as caused by internal factors -the self-serving bias -our positive outcomes (successes) due to internal factors -our negative outcomes (failures) due to situational (external) factors…the test was too hard, I didn’t have time to study Interpersonal communication -Characteristics
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Interpersonal- - 01/28 Intrapersonal communication(cont...

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