NOTES - 8GLOBAL STUDIES 2: 03/29/10 Office hours: SSMS...

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Unformatted text preview: 8GLOBAL STUDIES 2: 03/29/10 Office hours: SSMS 2111, Wed: 3:30-5:30 [email protected] 25% of exam questions will concern current events not discussed in class-The BBC, New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Economist, The Financial Times-front page of each website 25% of exam questions will cover political geography Quiz on Wednesday-bring small scantron 1% Globalization and Internalization? We are moving from international to global Inter / national: between nation states Presupposes a system of separate, sovereign nation-states… Ex. Philippines produce rice; transport it to countries in Philippines Global: Ex. Laptop: parts are from different countries; each parts taken to assembly point in china; put on ship with Norwegian flag; shipped to United States Globalization : trans/ national Interdependence-process by which the lives of all people around the planet become increasingly intertwined, along with our awareness of such interconnections Course themes:-global processes intensify due to changes in:-technology:-transportation (containerization)-information -institutions:-rules of the game have changed (inport/export; transaction across borders)-struggle for control over:-scarce resources:-focus on producing resources you are good at (comparative advantage) specialization and trade=MORE GOODS-flow and interpretation of information-institutional changes are inquired to respond to global problems-will national institutions suffice, or must global institutions be created? Can they be created? What will they look like?-regulating financial systems The Cold War & Its end:-History was reset with the fall of the Berlin Wall and Cold War-The West won Terrorist threats, U.S. response-9/11-train bombings in Madrid-bombing of USS Cole-United Kingdom underground subway bombing War in Iraq, winding down (sort of)… War in Afghanistan, Ramping up Global trading system-involves mass mobilization of transport price decrease, cost decrease 3/31/10 The world is ten years old:-what the future looked like after the war-everything is completely different since then The US Consumer-houses are built by people working in the United States-once you build a house, you need many things (computers, tvs, refrigerators)-from 1990’s on, the US imports more than it exports-US trade deficit is growing relative to global GDP where does it come from?- surplus export more than import- deficit import more than export how do you pay for it?-US has a certain income every year from selling goods-if income is smaller than expenses, you need to borrow credit- print money- Federal Funds rate-rate at which federal reserves charges money-interest rate determines the speed at which money gets out into US economy-hope that banks led out money really cheap investors borrow lots of money cheap money fuels a booming investment-low interest rates to keep people spending money-inflation occurs when you keep interest rates too low for too long-cheap money everyone can go out and make investments; people by houses but...
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NOTES - 8GLOBAL STUDIES 2: 03/29/10 Office hours: SSMS...

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