music final - 1 Era C C C C C C C/R -p C/R -p R -p R -p...

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Era Title Genre Form Misc. 1 C Symphony No. 5 symphony X Orchestral, cyclical C I. Allegro symphony Sonata-allego oboe solo, long coda C II. Andante con moto symphony theme/variatio n 2 diff. themes C III. Allegro: scherzo and trio symphony scherzo/trio Dark; no break into IV; S- S-S-L motive C IV. Allegro symphony Sonata-allegro C major!!, LONG coda 2 C Piano Sonata, Op. 27, no. 2 (moonlight) piano sonata X piano solo; Fantasia C/R -p I. Adagio sostenuto piano sonata scherzo/trio SLOW, free form, broken chord C/R -p II. Allegretto piano sonata Sonata-allegro Shorter; whimsical 3 R -p Polanaise, Op. 40, no. 1 (military) Polonaise- polish dance Tenary triple meter; nationalistic 4 R -p Nocturne, Op. 6 Nocturne- night piece ABABA Music for and evening entertainment; evocative night; uses rubato 5 R –s Erlking lied Through- composed poem by Goethe; dark; 4 characters; supernatural; folklore 6 R –s In the lovely month of may from A Poet’s Love Lied-song cycle Through- composed Dichterliebe; phases of
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music final - 1 Era C C C C C C C/R -p C/R -p R -p R -p...

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