A_Brand_New_IP_Address_Worksheet_III_4-6-2009 (2)

A_Brand_New_IP_Address_Worksheet_III_4-6-2009 (2) - f. How...

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IP Addressing: Worksheet III Name:__________________________ Course:_______________________ 1.  Construct the network below in Packet Tracer. 2. You have been given the ip address of:  Your task is to create a custom subnet mask  and select the proper host addresses for each host on the 4 network segments.   Each of the subnets  should be able to support at least 58 hosts.  Remember that the router interface needs an IP address  just like all of the computers.  If your pings are not successful, verify that you have assigned the proper  host addresses and re-test for connectivity. a. To what class does your address belong? b. What is the default subnet mask for this address? c. How many host bits will need to be borrowed? d. How many host bits remain? e. What is the custom subnet mask?
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Unformatted text preview: f. How many subnets will this addressing support? g. How many useable host addresses are there for each network segment? 3. When you have everything working properly, copy and paste a successful ping sequence to each of the specified destinations from PC0 into a Word document for submission: a. PC2 b. PC4 c. PC6 4. Open on DOS prompt on the following list of PCs and execute the ipconfig command. Then, copy and paste the results into your Word document for submission. Entirety 5. Use this document as your coversheet and staple all three items together and bring the completed package to your next class meeting. ***WARNING*** THIS ASSIGNMENT IS TO BE COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO OUR NEXT CLASS MEETING....
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A_Brand_New_IP_Address_Worksheet_III_4-6-2009 (2) - f. How...

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