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Presentation Critique – Research Paper Speaker: ________________________________________ Date:_________________ Evaluation Categories: Superior Good Fair Poor 10 9-8 7-6 5-0 CONTENT OPENING – Gain audience attention. Preview content. Establish expertise. Appeal to audience interest. BODY – Provide (3) main points with sufficient, relevant, credible supporting evidence. Appeal to audience interest. Provide required/appropriate documentation. 3 stated sources. CLOSE – Summarize. Motivate response. Provide closure. DELIVERY POISE AND BODILY ACTION – Good posture. Animated, but controlled movements. Gestures and movement effective, natural, and not distracting. EYE CONTACT – Eye contact established and maintained throughout presentation. Eye contact with all audience, not just one area. VOICE – Loud enough to be easily heard. Not monotonous. Varied in pitch. Expresses enthusiasm, emotion for the topic. Easily understood. ARTICULATION – Speaks clearly. Words are not muffled or
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