Semester 2 Chapter 5 Study Guide

Semester 2 Chapter 5 Study Guide - SEMESTER 2 Chapter 5...

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SEMESTER 2 Chapter 5 Routing Information Protocol V 4.0 5.1.1 When was the first standard for RIP written? Recognizing the need for standardization of the protocol, Charles Hedrick wrote RFC 1058 in 1988, in which he documented the existing protocol and specified some improvements. 5.1.2 What are the key characteristics of RIP? RIP is a distance vector routing protocol. RIP uses hop count as its only metric for path selection. Advertised routes with hop counts greater than 15 are unreachable. Messages are broadcast every 30 seconds. Why was RIP developed with so many fields left as zeros? RIP was developed before IP and was used for other network protocols (like XNS). BSD also had its influence. Initially, the extra space was added with the intention of supporting larger address spaces in the future. 5.1.3 What are the two message types in the command field? Request message and Response message. What information does RIPv1 not send in its updates? RIPv1 does not send subnet mask information in the update. 5.1.4 What is the default administrative distance for RIP? RIP has a default administrative distance of 120. What does the default AD mean when you compare RIP and all other protocols? When compared to other interior gateway protocols, RIP is the least-preferred routing protocol. IS-IS, OSPF, IGRP, and EIGRP all have lower default AD values. What are the commands to check the AD? show ip route or show ip protocols 5.2.2 What command is used to enable a routing protocol? To enable a dynamic routing protocol, enter the global configuration mode and use the router command What command is used to enable RIP as the routing protocol? router rip What is the prompt after you enable the routing protocol? R1(config-router)# Is the routing protocol started after you enter the router rip command? This command does not directly start the RIP process.
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Semester 2 Chapter 5 Study Guide - SEMESTER 2 Chapter 5...

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