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Semester 2 Chapter 7 Study Guide

Semester 2 Chapter 7 Study Guide - SEMESTER 2 Chapter 7...

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SEMESTER 2 Chapter 7 RIPv2 V 4.0 Why has RIP lost favor as opposed to other protocols? RIP lacks the capabilities of many of the later protocols. When is RIP a desirable protocol? Its sheer simplicity and widespread use in multiple operating systems makes it an ideal candidate for smaller, homogeneous networks where multi-vendor support is necessary - especially within UNIX environments. What are the enhanced features of RIPv2? Next-hop addresses included in the routing updates Use of multicast addresses in sending updates Authentication option available What do both versions of RIP share in features and limitations? Use of holddown and other timers to help prevent routing loops. Use of split horizon or split horizon with poison reverse to also help prevent routing loops. Use of triggered updates when there is a change in the topology for faster convergence. Maximum hop count limit of 15 hops, with the hop count of 16 signifying an unreachable network. What type of address must be used when a packet is sent outside your private network? Public IP address What subnet mask is used when only two ip addresses are needed? /30 What is a loopback interface? A loopback interface is a software-only interface that is used to emulate a physical interface. What is a loopback address used for in the lab setting? In a lab environment, loopback interfaces are useful in creating additional networks without having to add more physical interfaces on the router. What is the command to establish a supernet route? R2(config)#ip route Null0 What does a supernet route do to the routing table? Route summarization allows a single high-level route entry to represent many lower-level routes, thereby reducing the size of routing tables. What are the two characteristics of a null interface?
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