Semester 2 Chapter 11 Study Guide

Semester 2 Chapter 11 Study Guide - SEMESTER 2 Chapter 11...

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SEMESTER 2 Chapter 11 Study Guide OSPF V 4.0 11.1 Which organisation is responsible for the OSPF specification, and when was the current specification for use with IPv4 published? The initial development of OSPF began in 1987 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) OSPF Working Group. What type of routing protocol is OSPF? IGP How is OSPF encapsulated? OSPF is encapsulated in packets What destination address is used for an OSPF packet? OSPF routes IP packets based solely on the destination IP address found in the IP packet header. What are the five types of OSPF packet? 1) Hello 2) Database Description 3) Link- State Request 4) Link-State Update and 5) Link-State Acknowledgement What are Hello packets used for? In the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF ) communications protocol - which enables network router s to share information with each other, a HELLO packet is a special packet (message) that is sent out periodically from a router to establish and confirm network adjacency relationships. What multicast address is used as the destination IP address for a packet that should be processed by all OSPF routers? Destination address What values must be the same on two OSPF routers if they are to become adjacent? Versions 1 or 2 By default, what is the hello interval on the interface of an OSPF router? 10 seconds How long will a router wait without receiving hello packets before regarding a neighbour on an Ethernet link as down? 3 Seconds What is a LSA? Link State Advertisement Where does an OSPF router store the information that it learns from link state advertisements? RAM
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How is the information used? For routing Of the commonly used interior routing protocols, which produce routes that are preferred to OSPF by Cisco routers, and which produce routes that are not preferred? IGP, EIRGP, OSPF, ISIS
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Semester 2 Chapter 11 Study Guide - SEMESTER 2 Chapter 11...

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