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SEMESTER 2 Chapter 1 Planning and Cabling a Network V 4.0 1.1.1 What are the common components between a router and other computers? What does a router connect? What does a router do with each packet it receives? What are the 2 types of connections to a router interface? What are the two primary functions of a router? What address does the router use to compare to the routing table? What two processes are used by a router to learn about remote networks and build their routing tables? 1.1.2 What are the five components common to all routers? List the 5 different components stored in RAM. What happens to the information in RAM if the router looses power? What are the permanent storage areas in a router? What 3 things are stored in ROM? What is stored in flash? What happens to flash memory when the power is lost? What is stored in NVRAM? What must you do to save changes you have made to a router? 1.1.3 What is the most common method used for configuring a router? What is the first thing that happens as the router boots up? 1.1.4 What are the 4 phases of the bootup process?
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What does POST test? What is the main function of the bootstrap program? What are the 2 main places to find the IOS? If a full IOS can not be loaded what does the bootstrap loader do? Where is the startup configuration found? What are the main items stored in the configuration file? Where is the second place that
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SEMESTER_2_Chapter_1 - SEMESTER 2 Chapter 1 Planning and...

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