Shinto - Shinto Shinto The way of the gods Here, gods refer...

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“The way of the gods” Here, “gods” refer to Japan’s spirits ( kami ) Shinto History No known person or group as its founder. Its mysterious origins date back to the ancient people of Japan and their stories of how they world came into being. The people of the Japanese islands lived close to nature, and Shinto as a religion reflects that reality in its worship of the spirits who are believed to inhabit the natural world. It is more than a nature religion, however. It also has ethnic and family dimensions. Kami are the spirits of the mountains, rivers, seas, islands, forests; deified clan ancestors; deceased emperors, saints, heroes. The spirits that are worshipped include the spirits of departed family members, distant ancestors of one’s clan, great leaders, and so on. The Japanese descended from several immigrant groups that came from the Northwest and the South (including the possibility of Siberia, Korea, and Malay Peninsula). Their traditions mixed, blending a large number of gods into a pantheon and yielding a single creation myth. Similar to other creation myths, in the beginning there was primeval chaos, which came to be populated by several generations of kami . Two of these kami , Izanami and Izanagi, became the cosmic parents who created the first islands of Japan.
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Shinto - Shinto Shinto The way of the gods Here, gods refer...

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