Sikhism - Sikhism RLGA01 Sikhism Developed in an area...

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RLGA01 Sikhism Developed in an area called Punjab A region with a history of increasing religious conflicts between Hindus and Muslims Both Hinduism and Islam existed, though sometimes with conflicts Both religions share an appreciation for religious devotion and the attainment of mystical states RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND: Bhakti or devotional practice o Tantric yoga o Sufism o Three elements contributed to the rise of the Sant tradition: There were many influential Sant poets, including Namdev, Ravidas, Kabir The first teacher: Nanak (1469-1539) Composed more than 900 hymns, compiled as the Adi Granth He said he had experienced God directly, and the experience revealed to him was that: there is only one God, beyond all names and conceptions Referred to the fundamental divine reality as the “ Sat Guru ” (True Teacher) or “ Om kara ” (Divine One) Nanak and his friend Mardana visited the holy sites throughout northern India Nanak preached, sought disciples (“ Sikh ”), and sang devotional songs, while Mardana played musical accompaniment Note: Nanak was raised in a Hindu family, while Mardana was a Muslim Deliberately blended Hindu and Muslim elements o Wore a Hindu dhoti , along with an orange Muslim coat and cap o adorned his forehead with Hindu religious markings ( tilak ) o Style of clothing of Nanak: Sensing his own end approaching at age 70, Nanak passed on his authority and work to a chosen disciple Nanak is commonly called “
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Sikhism - Sikhism RLGA01 Sikhism Developed in an area...

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