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AE 312: EXAM I FORMAT J. C. Dutton (1) The first exam will be on Friday, March 4 th from 1:00 1:50 pm. (2) The format for the exam is closed book, closed notes ; however, the following materials may be used during the exam: (a) Isentropic and normal shock tables will be handed out and may be used. Interpolation in the tables is unnecessary on the exam . You should plan to use the tables or have all the appropriate isentropic and normal shock functions pre-programmed in your calculator. Do not plan to evaluate the functions from their equation definitions , as this will take too much time. (b) To avoid rote memorization, the attached equation sheet will be provided with the exam. (c) A copy of the Table of Influence Coefficients will be provided. (d) The only things that you need to bring to the exam and that I should see on your desk or anywhere near it are a pencil, an eraser, and a calculator. In particular, cell phones should be shut off and put away. (3) The exam will include a section of short answer / fill-in-the-blank / true-false questions to test conceptual understanding, definitions, physical reasoning, etc., in addition to several problems similar to the homework and example problems. For all problems the unit system will be SI and the gas will be air: =1.4 and R=287 J/kg-K. (4) The material covered by the exam is as follows (refer to Detailed Course Outline): Section 1. Review of Fluid Mechanic and Thermodynamic Principles Section 2. One-Dimensional Wave Motion; Normal Shock Waves Section 3. Governing Equations for Generalized One-Dimensional Flow Section 4. Isentropic Flow with Area Change (through V.C. Applications: Converging-Diverging Nozzle)
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AE 312 TABLE OF INFLUENCE COEFFICIENTS J. C. Dutton A dA A f fdx D H T 0 dT 0 T 0 M 2 dM 2 M 2 21 1 2 M 2 1 M 2 M 2 1 1 2 M 2 1 M 2 1 M 2  1 1 2
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ExamI_format (1) - AE 312: EXAM I FORMAT J. C. Dutton (1)...

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