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AE311 Fall 2008 Problem Set 6 Due: Nov. 26th 2008, before class 1. (20 pts) Consider an airplane that weights 14,700 N and cruises in level flight at 300 km/h at an altitude of 3000 m. The wing has a surface area of 17.0 m 2 and an aspect ratio of 6.2. Assume that the lift coefficient is a linear function of the angle of attack and that α L=0 = -1.2 degrees. If the load distribution is elliptic, calculate the value of the circulation in the plane of symmetry ( Γ 0 ), the downwash velocity, the induced drag coefficient, the geometric angle of attack, and the induced angle of attack. How should the geometric and induced angles of attack be combined to obtain the overall angle of attack? What is the overall angle of attack? 2. (20 pts) a) Derive an expression for the lift coefficient C
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