BIOL 221 spring 2011 HW#2 (KEY)

BIOL 221 spring 2011 HW#2 (KEY) - Bio 221 Spring 2011...

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Bio 221 Spring 2011 Homework #2 This homework consists of 6 questions, worth 1 point each. Please type the answers on a separate sheet of paper, double spaced. (Sketches may be drawn by hand.) There is no need to turn in the questions along with your answers. If you use more than one sheet, please staple them together. (There is not a stapler available in the lecture room.) Please remember to put your NAME at the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of your homework. We will not be able to return the homework before the second Midterm, but the key will be posted online immediately after lecture. This homework is DUE: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2, 2011 BY 1:30PM. 1. We mentioned in class that Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria can grow as chemoorgano- heterotrophs when they are growing aerobically, but switch to photolithoautotrophy when growing anaerobically. A. How do these bacteria obtain ATP and reducing power under aerobic and anaerobic conditions? Aerobic : ATP : by substrate level phosphorylation in glycolysis and TCA cycle, and by oxidative phosphorylation in a respiratory chain with O 2 as terminal electron acceptor reducing power : by redox reactions in glycolysis and TCA cycle that produce NADH Anaerobic : ATP : from the rotary ATP Synthase using a PMF produced during transport of an electron excited from bacteriochlorophyll by light. reducing power : by reverse electron transport using respiratory Complex I “in reverse,” to produce NADH rather than to oxidize NADH. B.
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BIOL 221 spring 2011 HW#2 (KEY) - Bio 221 Spring 2011...

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