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Unformatted text preview: EC ACC 310F, Extra Credit Group Members List names alphabetically by last name: last name, first name #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 The objective of the optional extra credit project is for you to find or develop a way to help illustrate an accounting concept. For example, the DVD that was packaged with the textbook contains video clips that help demonstrate accounting concepts, issues or related decisions in each chapter. In addition, video clips were shown in class that did the same, such as the Blue Bunny ice cream video used to help illustrate managerial cost concepts or the Stride gum commercial used to illustrate issues related to cost-volume-profit analysis. You should complete and print this cover page and if applicable attach your video or media submission. Storage devices such as CDs or USB flash drives will not be returned; media files should be in a standard format such as MPEG or AVI. The extra credit assignment is due at the start of class on Thursday, November 29th. The project is worth up to 25 course points based on the merits of your submission; the group that is judged to have the best overall submission will earn course 40 points. In the space below write a synopsis of your extra credit submission or your idea that could be used to develop one. In the space below briefly describe the accounting concept(s) that is illustrated by your extra credit submission. ...
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