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Caitlin Lovey Lovey 1 Commu 425 December 14, 2007 Final Project Penn State Behrend Panhellenic Council Every organization, whether it is corporate or even a small school club, will need some sort of communication consulting. Most people think that communication problems would only need consulting in the professional sense, but this isn’t true. They can even happen in college organizations. One such council is the Panhellenic council. The National Panhellenic Conference mission and vision statements are to promote the values of and to serve as an advocate for its member groups in collaboration with those members, campuses and communities and will be the premier advocacy and support organization for its members, member groups, college and alumnae panhellenics and a proponent of women’s fraternity membership. The Panhellenic Council at Penn State Behrend’s campus provides as a governing body for three nationally recognized sororities on campus. The purpose of Panhellenic Council, set by the National Panhellenic Conference, is to promote unity and cooperation among all Greeks, as well as foster growth and responsibility in the academic, social, emotional, and civic aspect of a college's woman's life by providing various outlets for development in these areas. Our mission is to set a good example as fraternity women, and set a positive outlook on campus Greek life. We work together with the Interfraternity Conference, which governs three nationally recognized fraternities, to promote Greek life in a positive manner on campus. Panhellenic council is
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Lovey 2 responsible for recruiting members, setting up Greek Week, and volunteering at various charities. The clients of Panhellenic Council would be all females interested in joining a sorority or are already in a sorority and who want to give back to their greek and campus community. The organization is structured with an executive board and multiple committee chairs. The executive board consists of a President, Vice President, and Vice President of Special Programming, Vice President of Recruitment, Treasurer, and Secretary. The committee chairs consist of Community Service, Constitution, Fundraising, Panhellenic Delegate for SGA (Student Government Association), Parliamentarian, Public Relations, Scholarship, and Social. We also have an advisor who works with the President and keeps the council on task and on track. The President is in charge of the organization and makes the final decisions. She meets with the advisor, IFC President, and attends IFC meetings weekly to keep herself and everyone in the loop with what is going on in greek life. The Vice President is in charge of developing a judicial board and being second in command when the President cannot do her job. She also is in charge of keeping the other positions in line and reports back to the president. Vice President of Special Programming is in charge of putting together different programs on campus dealing with greek life and other campus
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425 Final Copy - Caitlin Lovey Commu 425 December 14, 2007...

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