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HIEU 102A – A NCIENT R OMAN C IVILIZATION COURSE SYLLABUS 3 hours lecture, 4 units; letter grade or pass/no pass option . Instructor: Dr. David Miano Lecture Times: Tues/Thurs 6:30-7:50 pm Email: dmiano@ucsd.edu Room: Pepper Canyon 109 Office: Office Hours: Thurs 3-5 pm Course Description: This course covers the political, economic, social, and intellectual history of the Roman world from the foundation of the city of Rome (753 BCE) to the disintegration of the Western Empire (circa 500 CE). This course will emphasize the importance of the political and cultural contributions of Rome to modern society. This is an upper-division course (juniors and seniors only). There are no prerequisites. Course Objectives: Students will acquire an historical perspective, permitting them to identify the personal and cultural values that shape decisions in public, professional, and private lives, both in the past and present. They will develop an awareness of the complexity of cultural change. They will learn the geography of the Roman world. They will be introduced to the wide variety of tools, methods, and data that are available for conducting historical research. They will learn to interpret literary, historical, and philosophical texts and to conduct independent critical assessment of documents and ideas. Texts: The Historians of Ancient Rome (R. Mellor, ed.; Routledge, 1997); Cicero, On Obligations (Oxford World Classics, 2001); Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (Modern Library, 2003). Course Requirements : The formal requirements of the course include regular attendance at class-meetings, completion of assigned reading, three historical vocabulary tests (1/20, 2/10, 3/3), a formal paper (due 3/8), three source analyses (or one special project), and a final examination (3/15). Grade Breakdown: 30% historical vocabulary tests (10% each) 15% source analyses (5% each) OR one special project 25% paper 30% final exam Grades of papers handed in late will be lowered by 1/3 of a letter grade each day past the due date. Students will do well in the course only if they attend lectures faithfully and keep up with the reading assignments. Attendance:
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