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Problem 1 Sorting is useful to go through files and order the information that are in certain columns. a) Sort by city name sort +0 world.temp b) Sort by high temperatures (low to high) sort +1 world.temp Sort by high temperatures (high to low) sort +1 –r world.temp c) Sort by city name as primary and low temperatures as secondary (low temps from low to high) sort +2 world.temp Sort with low temp from high to low sort +2 –r world.temp Problem 2 For find anything new than the passwd file the “newer” argument is used All items that were newer where the ones that were created since logging into this session.
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Unformatted text preview: My only new file was world.temp a) find ~ -newer /etc/passwd To find all .ps and .gif files Match anything that ended in .ps or .gif and delete those after prompting the user to delete those. b) find ~ \( -name \*.ps –o –name \*.gif \) –exec rm –I {} \; Finding is useful to search for a certain type of file or a file name or a file that contains a certain string or value. Finding also things that are new than a particular object is useful to see what modifications have been made recently....
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