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104 | Teaching Notes for Workplace Video Cases TEACHING NOTES FOR WORKPLACE VIDEO CASES CHAPTER 1: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND KEY COMPETENCIES Workplace Video: Meeting the Challenge of Diversity at Whirlpool Video Case Synopsis In today's global marketplace, managers must routinely interact with people of different cultures, languages, beliefs, and values. Recognizing diversity and the unique way people of different backgrounds communicate is essential to success in the international arena. Whirlpool Corporation, the No. 1 name in home appliances, has a long history of managing diversity. Since its establishment in 1911, Whirlpool has become a global corporation with manufacturing locations on every major continent. Approximately 60 percent of Whirlpool's 68,000 employees work outside of North America, and those within North America represent a diverse mix of people. Building a cohesive team of diverse individuals is one of the great challenges of management. The leaders of Whirlpool are committed to cultivating a broad workforce, and that means eliminating glass ceilings and biases that discourage certain groups from participating fully in the company. Attaining these objectives is the job of Whirlpool's award-winning diversity program. To enter the program, workers join the particular employee-network group with which they self identify. Once joined to a network, workers have access to career resources and training opportunities. Though the diversity program is designed to empower employees, it also helps Whirlpool achieve specific business objectives, such as understanding the needs and desires of its global customer base. "Whirlpool has recognized that having diverse people making decisions and giving input to the factors that we consider on a daily basis is extremely important to the business," says Kathy Nelson, VP of Consumer & Appliance Care at Whirlpool. "It's important because we need to make sure that the people who are making business decisions are reflective of who our consumers are." Mark McLane, director of Global Diversity and Inclusion, sees diversity as a vehicle through which Whirlpool can find innovative solutions to problems. "The greatest strength of our employee base today is its diversity—the diversity of thought and what that brings to our innovation processes," McLane remarks. "We've embedded innovation throughout the entire organization, we've really leveraged the strengths of each individual Whirlpool employee." Discussion Questions and Solutions 1. What are the three main objectives of Whirlpool's diversity networks? The three main objectives of Whirlpool's diversity networks are (1) to be a resource to the employee, (2) to be a resource to the community, and (3) to tie back into the business. Specifically, each employee network is charged with recognizing what's important to the
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Teaching Notes for Workplace Videos - 104 | Teaching Notes...

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