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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Introduction to Grounded Theory. By Steve Borgatti This article talks about the grounded theory, which lays down framework for making a good theory. The grounded theory is compiled of a set of steps that when carefully carried out, produces a “good” theory. Some theorists believe that the quality of a theory can be evaluated by the way it was constructed. The grounded theory involves reading, and re-reading the data, and then labels the variables and their relationships. The ability to establish variables and their relationships is called “theoretical sensitivity.”
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Unformatted text preview: After going through the steps of this theory, you need to code the information, which means identifying, naming, categorizing the data. I chose this article because it deals with the grounded theory which is used to develop good, logical theories. In class we talked about how to establish between a quack theory and a good theory, and this theory helps us define and set criteria on what a good theory should be. Creditable theories help us learn and understand communication better, and having guidelines for these theories helps establish more creditable theories....
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