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Unformatted text preview: 2/8/2011 2/8/2011 The Aviation Industry: A Brief Overview The Aerotropolis Evan Donnelly Keith McCormack FAA predicts Passenger Traffic increase of 60% to 1 billion passengers by 2015 World Freight-TonneWorld Freight-Tonne-Kilometers (FTK) to increase 5.5% (compound annual growth rate) by 2020 Cargo transported by Air: 2% of global weight, 40% of global value Aerotropolis What is it? UltraUltra-modern, Multi-functional Urban Centre MultiUrban Development Plan with Integration of an Airport and the surrounding Community as Focus Airport at centre, aviation-related aviationindustrial/commercial clusters immediately surrounding, residential areas on edges Who’s Idea? Dr. John Kasarda Key Developer in the Aerotropolis concept Aerotropolis Pioneer of 22nd Century Urban Development Physical Structure Airport City located at the centre Inner Ring of aviation-related industry aviationMiddle Ring providing a commercial district Ri di Outer Ring compose of residential zoning “Airports will shape business location and urban development in the 21st century as much as highways did in the 20th century, railroads in the 19th and seaports in the 18th” Dr. John Kasarda Direct Hi-Speed Trains and Highways connect Hitravelers to the airport and around the city NoiseNoise-Sensitive Areas developed away from airport flight paths 1 2/8/2011 2/8/2011 Significance Community Development Future of Metropolitan Development Airports are Economic Generators for Communities Provide a Global Connection Framework for Efficient Urban Development Benefits for Communities Major Economic Engine Job Creation Business Development Development Retained Wealth Tax Revenue Efficient Transportation Dedicated highway and rail lines provide seamless airport access Global Presence Modern Modern Urban Facilities Detriments for Communities Loss of “Green Space” Space” and Agricultural capability Noise Aircraft Business Development + Construction Pollution Water Air Soil Unwanted Expansion Resistance to Change Significance Business Development Air Freight fastest method of moving cargo Shorter Supply Chain allows better inventory control Shorter Supply Chain allows better inventory control Land Land transport time and cost between manufacturer and air cargo operation greatly reduced Ability to Access Global Markets Businesses located close to airport to minimize 2 2/8/2011 2/8/2011 Benefits for Business Minimized transportation cost Access to Global Markets Expansion Potential Faster Shipping Time Improved Logistics OnOn-Airport Conference Facility Free-TradeFree-Trade-Zone Tax Savings Tax Savings Integrated air & land transportation Detriments Detriments for Business Unwanted Competition Zoning Restrictions Pollution Regulations Regulations Corporate Tax (outside Free-Trade-Zone) Free-TradeExpensive Land Cost Benefits for the Airport Increased Passenger Traffic Increased Cargo Traffic Higher Revenues Revenues Facility Modernization Detriments for the Airport Difficult Approaches Noise Abatement Regulations Expansion Limitations Bird Activity Bird strikes are a critical flight hazard Electronic Interference for Communications/Navigati on Obstacle Surface Limitation penetration Collision Hazards Examples - Dubai 40.9 million Passengers (2009) 3.4 million Population (2010) Passengers are 12x that of population The airport is a primary driver in the local economy Point of interest – Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3 is largest building in the world Real World Examples World Examples 3 2/8/2011 2/8/2011 Examples: Hong Kong 45.6 million Passengers (2009) 7.1 million Population (2010) Passengers are 6.4x that of population 2nd busiest cargo airport in the world Provides 60,000 jobs (0.85%) Extensive retail areas associated with the airport Examples: Memphis Largest cargo airport in the world since 1993 They move 3.7 million tonnes per year Location of FedEx Superhub Location of FedEx’s “Superhub” 220,000 jobs generated, 1 in 3 in Memphis _I1xAFZw7Eo Examples: Examples: Singapore Probably the most developed aerotropolis 37.2 million passengers (2009) 5.0 million population Passengers are 7.4x that of population The free trade zone around the airport has created a lot of industry $4.5 billion in output 1.8% of total GDP Future Aerotropoli • Detroit, Michigan • Already has signifigant industry based around the airport to expand more • Wants to expand more Questions? 4 ...
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