Bob Lopez - 02.02.11

Bob Lopez - 02.02.11 - 2 nd February 2011 Bob Lopez Lecture...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 nd February 2011 Bob Lopez Lecture 33 years with LAPD, 25 years dealing with gangs. 1979 graduated from police academy. Found that kids living 20 minutes from where he lived were sleeping bathtubs just to survive. Purse snatchers press crosswalk buttons and stop traffic. If they found a single female in a car they would smash the window and take her purse. Glass would sometimes spray her in the face or they would throw a hammer at her. OCB CRASH unit. Subject matter expert on gangs especially Hispanic gangs. Interested in homicides gangs were becoming more sophisticated because of technological advances. Can be done by text or on the internet. They have their own websites. Case Easter Sunday, there was a party the night before. The Westside Playboys had the party right in the Rampart division of CRASH. They would send out a surveillance party to make sure there was no one tagging the walls, driving in and looking for them. A group of them got into a pickup truck and were driving around the area and they saw someone at a taco t ruck. He was a former street gang member. He was part of the 18 th Street Gang. But he distanced himself and managed to get out of gang life (partially because of his wife and he got an education and went to college). He went to Houston and came back to Pasadena. His wife was walking home on the crosswalk and someone killed her. At the party, he was at the taco truck (had been drinking because he was depressed) a block away from his house. The Playboys and the 18 th Street gang do not get along, age-old rivalry. The oldest guy Wolfie had recently gotten out of prison and recognized him and they invited him to the party. When they got him out of the t ruck, Wolfie punched him, put him on the ground the party....
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Bob Lopez - 02.02.11 - 2 nd February 2011 Bob Lopez Lecture...

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