Lecture 11 - 11.02.11

Lecture 11 - 11.02.11 - 11th February 2011 Psych 187B Lectu...

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11 th February 2011 Psych 187B – Lecture 11 When a Kid Kills – Video Whether or not to try the juvenile as an adult. Similar situation in Singapore, but the issue was whether to charge with the death penalty or not. o Supreme Court said you cannot execute someone who commits a murder under the age of 18. Not even possible to issue the death penalty in the video shown. Pre-Video Notes Juvenile under age of 18 shoots the other for no apparent reason. Permanent solutions to temporary problems. Minority inner city neighbourhood – Orchard Park in Boston. 1/5 murders are committed by juveniles nationwide. 80% of violent crime is committed by gang members. There is an undertone of whether or not these juveniles are in a gang or not. Interesting twist – residents of the inner city have resentment against the law enforcement because they know someone who has been harassed by the police. This doesn’t usually happen in well-to-do suburbs. o However, when their family members have been affected by the crime, they want the full extent of the law on the perpetrator. o They know it is an adult crime and that if they were tried as an adult, they will be kept longer. o You would think that they would be more lenient but the families of victims and others in the surrounding areas are very much get tough on crime when it involves their family as victims, even though the police are definitely not their friends. Most violent crime is race specific. Usually Blacks to Blacks, Hispanics to Hispanics, Whites to Whites, etc. Citizens who make it out of these environments should go back and show them that it is possible to make it out and have a better life, so these people don’t know that it is hopeless. But they have to take up their time and resources and maybe you don’t want to go back or look back to your past. o Cochrane went back with his money and participated. Businessmen, politicians, athletes still go back. o However, someone not from the neighbourhood going back would not ring true and would be seen as hollow and insincere. You could go back as a tutor or something but not as a role model. It has to be people who are from there to “walk the walk.”
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Give the communities as stake in what is going on in their communities – turn over a housing project to be run by them with a budget, etc. They have to organize around this. These programs started a few decades ago petered out because they were never successful. They became run-down and maintenance people never wanted to go back into the neighbourhoods and gangs started to run them. o Houses with renters are the least well kept because if you don’t own this place, why would you keep up maintenance? You are just overpaying someone to live there. Creates their own homeowners project and they have a stake in the situation and are in control. But
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Lecture 11 - 11.02.11 - 11th February 2011 Psych 187B Lectu...

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