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Lecture 13 - 18.02.11

Lecture 13 - 18.02.11 - 18th February 2011 Psych 187B Lectu...

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18 th February 2011 Psych 187B – Lecture 13 Community Policing and Police Psychology Police psychology units are a part of every major police station in the United States. First one was in Los Angeles Community Policing Came out of Rodney King incident in Los Angeles o Christopher commission – Clinton admin official. Had to find out what happened to Rodney King and how to right the wrongs. o Set up community policing elements around the country. Closer communication between police and the public. Already had neighbourhood watch but not much more than that. Anchored in shared responsibility. Increased police accountability to the public. Increase information for police – people are involved in providing police data on fellow citizens. Proactive crime prevention – instead of reactionary. Preventative. Development of mutual respect. (Christopher commission) – people want respect from the police in disadvantaged communities. They did not want more helicopters and squad cars; just respect. Made great advances. Still a lot to do but before the Rodney King incident there was a lot of animosity between the police and people they were trying to protect. US Justice program set up funds for this. Now seen as one of the leading causes for the decrease in crime. Elements of Community Policing Increased foot patrols and security checks – not everywhere but where it is needed. Increased police around. “Surge techniques.” Filling the area with police and putting them on foot patrols. What makes people feel the safest is having cops out walking around where they themselves are walking around. Attending community meetings – may not still be the case but the LAPD would hold community meetings and would be broadcasted on television and people could phone in and the chief would answer questions from the people. Another way of getting intelligence because after the meetings people would come up and tell them how to control gangs and other problems. Opening storefront police offices – not police stations but usually in LA a building painted white with LAPD written on it. There would be police officers sitting inside and there
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would be pamphlets. You can talk to them, give them information, etc. they have phone connections to armed officers. Not really a police station. Makes you feel safer. Criminal trespass program (arrest loiterers and disorderly persons) – somewhat controversial. Where the police stop and confront these people. They are not allowed to hang out and do their thing (drugs/prostitution, etc). If you don’t look like you belong, you will be questioned. Something you have to live with to be safer. However, can turn into profiling. Alter pay telephones (call out only) – if you can call in, will only help people with drug trade.
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Lecture 13 - 18.02.11 - 18th February 2011 Psych 187B Lectu...

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