Lecture 14 - 23.02.11

Lecture 14 - 23.02.11 - 23rd February 2011 Psych 187B...

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23 rd February 2011 Psych 187B – Lecture 14 Neal Osherow Lecture – Psychological Coercion Law school at Berkeley and then incident happened involving a missing student. She had gone running with her boyfriend and another person. She branched off and then not shown up and disappeared. A huge search effort went underway. Many people tried to look for her – up and down the coast, through the state and even in Oregon. Her body was found in the park that they had been running. The next day, Brad, her boyfriend, was brought in to be questioned. Then he confessed to the murder. A year and a half later, the Brad Page murder trial was happening the next day. Neal went to the trial every day. The fourth day, a tape was put in front of the jury. Excerpts: o Sgt. asking Brad to spell his last name, talk about Miranda warnings etc. o Talking about incident 5 weeks earlier. o Turns out Brad had accidentally hit her and she was unconscious when he left her. o Sunday Nov 4 th , Brad wanted to go on a run and asked people to go with him. Bebe was going to quit school for the rest of the quarter and had not told her parents yet. When she bumped into Brad and Robin, she seemed annoyed. o They looked at the maps at Roberts Park but after they left the pool, Bebe left and went downwards and when they went to the top, they finally realized that she was not with them anymore. They waited for her and called for her, she did not show up. They waited and then finally decided to run back to the car. Bebe wasn’t there. They waited for her and called for her and then waited until 10:30. Brad then decided to drive and look for Bebe and Robin would wait where the car was. He left for 15-20 minutes and Robin thought he looked perturbed but he was not out of breath or anything. o Before this, Bebe had left when she argued with Brad and disappeared for days. He then told Robin that they should leave at around 11:15am. They went back to campus. At noon, Brad left a note with his roommates and told her to call him if she still wanted to go to San Francisco later that afternoon. o She was still not there in the evening. At midnight, a phone call came in to Brad’s co-op. It was Bebe’s roommate looking for Brad. Then Meg called again at 2am and demanded Brad wake up. Around 2:30am they made a missing person’s report but she had not been missing for 24 hours since she was over 18. They called hospitals looking for her. o The police searched with Brad and Robin and there were also two trained teams searching for Bebe. No one found anything. Hundreds of thousands of flyers were posted. Psychics were consulted, etc.
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Lecture 14 - 23.02.11 - 23rd February 2011 Psych 187B...

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