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Lecture 16 - 02.03.11

Lecture 16 - 02.03.11 - 2nd March 2011 Psych 187B Lecture...

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2 nd March 2011 Psych 187B – Lecture 16 Honorable Judge Michael Tynan - Drugs Become a judge if you are a lawyer for more than 10 years and you know the governor or know someone who knows the governor. Richard Ramirez Has been sentenced to death 15 times. There are too many people on death row but the death penalty should be used carefully so it takes a long time before it is even ruled on. Getting help is an easy way to stay out of prison if you are an addict. Treatment programs After 104 days in custody, they are put on 5 year probation. The women need to be put in treatment programs because they have probably been beaten or abused by the men in their lives. When they get jobs for half a year, they can go home and continue living normal lives. Usually their probation is completed and their charge may be reduced. Get a certificate from the county and get to show peers and family for the first time that they are not dealing drugs, being prostitutes, etc.
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