Lecture 17 - 04.03.11

Lecture 17 - 04.03.11 - 4th March 2011 Psych 187B Lecture...

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4 th March 2011 Psych 187B – Lecture 17 Sgt. Dan Scott – Child Abuse and Sex Crimes [email protected] Rape and Sexual Assault Child Abuse 85-90% of children sexually molested know and/or trust the violator. However, the ones you hear about the ones where the child is grabbed by a stranger. Youngest child is most at risk. Usually not raped, but they are fondled and other sex acts. Most is not forced, but seductive. Seduced by perpetrator for their own pleasure. Stepfathers, biological fathers, teachers, priests, uncles, grandfathers, babysitters, siblings are known to molest children. Biological fathers molest their children the most. Then stepfathers, grandfathers, o Most mothers say that they didn’t think their father would molest their granddaughter even though he molested her. Most are situational molesters. They have dysfunctional lives, their daughter is getting older and filling out, he is reminiscing about the old days, and then he molests her. Logically, it doesn’t make sense that they would be attracted to their daughter, but it happens. Their main sexual preference is children – child molesters. They can be treated but they will still be interested in children. Locking people up does not change their sexual preferences. Pedophiles/Fixated offenders. Fixated on pre-pubescent children. Might be attracted to children of a certain age, gender, look. Whatever age the victim, it is still a crime but priests molesting teenage children are not pedophiles. Fixated offender/pedophile on children have higher rate of reoffending. They do it for sexual gratification. Rape is generally not for sexual gratification but the primary focus is power and control.
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Lecture 17 - 04.03.11 - 4th March 2011 Psych 187B Lecture...

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