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Lecture 2 - 06.01.11

Lecture 2 - 06.01.11 - 6th January 2011 Psych 178 Lecture 2...

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6 th January 2011 Psych 178 – Lecture 2 Human Motivation: Why do we think and behave as we do? The Human as a Machine Elliot’s Review Session: Tuesday 2-3pm 6461 Franz Diane’s Review Session: Monday 3:30-4:30pm 3435 Franz Mental Illnesses Used to be thought of as genetic. Schizophrenia, manic depression, autism were seen as parental problems. Day/Night Rats At time A there were night and day rats but over time the day rats died out and the night rats thrived. So now rats go out at night, not by choice, but because they have been programmed by evolution to do so. This is the same with aggression: o The meek do not live long enough to pass on their genes because they cannot hunt well. o The aggressive survive and pass on their genes. We have aggression because it’s built into our genes. One issue with this theory is Why do we have altruism? Because every time you help, you decrease your likelihood of survival so this tendency over time should distinguish. o Other problems are sexual selection: there are a lot of characteristics that have a function although they apparently disable an organism or make it weak relative to predators. E.g., peacocks and their magnificent tails.
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