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Lecture 10 - 03.02.11

Lecture 10 - 03.02.11 - 3rd February 2011 Psych 178 Lecture...

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3 rd February 2011 Psych 178 – Lecture 10 The Person as a Decision Maker Most projective testing does not have interrater reliability but because of the scoring system, the TAT does. However, there is no test-retest reliability because you do not tell the same story on a projective test all the time. A trait means that it has endurance and cross-situation generality. Can you change the trait of the need for achievement or are you stuck with it for life? o The originators had strong interest in social change but discovered that in developing countries, the entrepreneurs and leaders of companies often inherited these positions. So they developed programs to make people into high-achievers. In this change program, they show the TAT and then try to get these people to think like high achievers – think about long term goals, etc, take intermediate risks. There are a lot of games. Put a ladder with 9 rungs. Put the person you admire the most at the top and the person you
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